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      1. Luo Yulin Surveys at China Longyuan
        Accompanied by Xie Changjun


            On May 23, the State Council assigned Luo Yulin, Chairman of Board of Supervisors of large-scale key state-owned enterprise and his delegation to survey at head office of China Longyuan, and convene the survey report meeting. Leaders of China Guodian Corporation including Xie Changjun, the Party Leadership Group member and Deputy General Manager accompanied the survey. Xu Mingjun, the Board Secretary, General Manager Assistant, and Director of General Office of China Guodian Corporation presided over the report meeting; Li Enyi, the General Manager Assistant of China Guodian Corporation, and General Manager of China Longyuan made the work report on behalf of the Company, and Huang Qun, the Party Leadership Group Secretary and Deputy General Manager of China Longyuan made the report on party development of the Company. Other leadership group members attended the survey as well. 

            Luo and his delegation firstly visited national wind power operation monitoring center of China Longyuan, knew wind power layout, power generation situations since this year and wind power “big data” platform construction in details, showed sufficient approval on wind power technology development and information construction of China Longyuan, and wished China Longyuan to continuously bring the professional advantages into full play and actively lead technological upgrade of wind power industry.

            In the forum held later, Li Enyi made a detailed report aiming at development process, wholesale situations, main problems faced and thoughts of further work. Li pointed out that for years China Longyuan has always insisted on the development idea of “ensuring hedge and appreciation of state-owned assets”, made practical innovation, dared to pioneer and made multiple leading indexes and brand new development fields of the entire industry, greatly pushed implementation of new energy development strategy of China Guodian Corporation, made positive contribution to improvement of profitability of China Guodian Corporation and enhancement of comprehensive strength, and also provided some beneficial experiences on development of wind power in China. For the next development, Li opined that China Longyuan would continuously, under the firm leadership of SASAC, according to strategic deployment of China Guodian Corporation, and led by “five development ideas”, follow the path of innovative management and development, comprehensively implement “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian”, sturdily promote “dual promotion”, actively adapt to the new normal, strive to create innovation, management, benefit-oriented enterprises, and accelerate building the internationally first-class new energy company.

            Huang Qun mainly reported party development situations of China Longyuan, and introduced its four characteristics. Firstly, the Company always insists on the significant principle of Party Leadership, and attaches high importance to ideal and belief development; secondly, the Company ceaselessly strengthens grass-root party organization development, and sufficiently plays the role of Party Branch as political core and leading and model role of party members; thirdly, the Company closely combines Party development and business work, and promotes continuous improvement of business skills by group setting and skill competition; fourthly, the Company firmly sets up awareness of tenet and viewpoint of the public, actively promotes green and caring action and creates harmonious atmosphere by the idea of “enterprise cares employees, employees care enterprise, and enterprise and employees care the society jointly”. For the next step, the Company will continuously control party development work strictly, build the pattern of “large-scale party development”, ceaselessly enhance innovation, pay attention to process management, comprehensively improve party development level, and promote healthy and sustainable development of the Company.
            After listened to the work report made by Li Enyi and Huang Qun, Luo Yulin spoke highly of the development of China Longyuan. Firstly, China Longyuan develops and grows by hard works, and its self-development is quite difficult; secondly, the Company develops steadily and sustainably without non-performing assets; thirdly, the objective of “building internationally first-class enterprise” is firm, the main performance is outstanding and the development succession is strong; fourthly, the Company insists on management innovation and technological progress, and develops in an innovative way; fifthly, the refine management degree is high and benefit is prominent; sixthly, the party building insists on innovation, with characteristics and highlights. For the further work, Luo required that the first is to actively adapt to the new normal, carefully study and master national policy orientation and market change, deeply implement the “One Objective, Five Chapters and Five Guodian” strategy of China Guodian Corporation, and sturdily carry out “dual-improvement”; the second is to carefully summarize development experiences and existing problems, further give full play to its advantages and promote scientific and sustainable development of the Company; the third is to give high priority to technology upgrade, and improve utilization ratio of equipment, especially the upgrade of outdated units; the fourth is to continuously and deeply dig advantageous resources, keep the leading position of wind power and accelerate building an internationally first-class new energy company.
            Xie Changjun, while affirming the development of China Longyuan, evaluated that China Longyuan had done the four-insistence”, i.e. insisting on synchronous development scale, quality and benefits; insisting on synchronous improvement of stock assets and increment assets; insisting on synchronous technology innovation and talents cultivation; and insisting on synchronous operation and party building. For the further work, Xie required that firstly the Company shall innovate development strategy, further break down and implement various objectives and tasks with the internationally first-class company standards, and strive to build a century-old company; secondly, the Company shall innovate wind power operation and maintenance mechanism, and accelerate the establishment of incentive mechanism; fourthly, the Company shall innovate management mode, enhance linkage and coordination with four centralized controls of China Guodian Corporation, exert functions of professional platform of Longyuan, and continuously develop well the new energy business.
            The Chief Engineer, General Manager Assistant, Persons in charge of each department, and main persons in charge of party and government affairs of Beijing-based units attended the survey. (Xie Xiaoning)