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      1. President Xi Jinping Witnesses Signing of Wind Power Project Cooperation Agreement between China Guodian Corporation and SWH, Czech




            On March 30, the China-Czech Republic Roundtable Conference for Economic and Trade Cooperation was held in Prague, the Capital of Czech Republic. President Xi Jinping who was visiting Czech attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Qiao Baoping, the Secretary of Leading Party Group and Chairman of China Guodian Corporation, and Chairman of China Longyuan Power attended the conference and made a speech. In the conference, under the witness of Presidents of China and Czech Republic, Qiao, on behalf of China Longyuan Power, signed the Agreement on Economy and Technology Cooperation in Renewable Energy and Clean Energy Fields and Planned Acquisition of Several Czech Wind Power Projects by Chinese Side with Peter Necas, the Deputy President of SWH Group, Czech.
            Qiao Baoping introduced wind power project situations and results of “going abroad” of China Guodian Corporation, and particularly emphasized on Canada-based and South Africa-based projects of China Longyuan Power. The 100MW Canada-based wind power project was put into operation by the end of 2014, and now is operating favorably; the South Africa-based 245MW wind power project, which is under construction, adopts WTG independently designed and produced by China Guodian Corporation, and is expected to put into commercial operation by 2017.

          Qiao Baoping said that China and Czech Republic have traditional foundation of friendly cooperation, and strong complementary in trade and industry. In recent years, the relationship between two countries have entered a new stage with the fastest development and the most results. The strategy of “One Belt One Road” that China is implementing provides favorable opportunities for Chinese enterprises to “go abroad”. Czech Republic is an important country along the “One Belt One Road”, and China-invested enterprises are active in Czech for acquisition and Greenfield investment. For the cooperation framework agreement signed between China Longyuan Power and SWH Group, Qiao believed that both sides would take this opportunity to actively promote more extensive and deeper cooperation between China and Czech Republic.
            In the roundtable conference, Qiao put forward three pieces of suggestions for strengthening cooperation. The first is to continuously bring advantages of China Guodian Corporation in clean and renewable energy field, carry out practical cooperation with Czech side, and enlarge the investment and development in new energy such as wind power by various means to jointly cope with global climate change and realize green and sustainable development; the second is to bring the traditional advantage of Czech side in manufacturing industry, and realize powerful combination, mutual benefits and joint development in high technology fields such as energy conservation and environmental protection technology and equipment; the third is to strengthen communication and sharing between senior management in the same industry in aspects of strategic layout, investment information and technology cooperation, and ceaselessly expand field of cooperation.
            During the visit in Czech, Qiao Baoping participated in the activity that Sobotka, the President of Czech Republic, meets leaders of Chinese enterprises. Qiao and his delegation also pay an official call on Philip, the Parliament Vice Chairman of Czech Republic, and talked with SWH Group. In accordance with the agreement, China Longyuan Power and SWH Group will establish long-term cooperation, and enhance information exchange and technical cooperation in aspects of wind power, solar power, biomass as well as energy conservation and environmental protection; expand mutually beneficial trade for relevant technologies and equipment. China Longyuan Power plans to purchase several wind power projects owned by Czech or jointly developed with Central and Eastern European countries. This agreement will powerfully push the innovative cooperation mode between China Guodian Corporation and enterprises in “One Belt One Road” countries in Central and Eastern Europe. All parties will share cooperation results, play respective advantages and realize mutual benefits and win-win results.
            Li Enyi, the General Manager Assistant of China Guodian Corporation, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Group of China Longyuan Power, Jin Ji, Deputy General Manager of China Longyuan Power and General Manager of Longyuan Overseas, as well as persons in charge of Longyuan Overseas participated in relevant activities.