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      1. 2016 Safety Production and Operation Meeting Held in China Longyuan Power
            On March 18, China Longyuan Power held 2016 Safety Production and Operation Meeting in Beijing. In the meeting, the safety production and planned operation in 2015 was summarized, new situations the enterprise currently faces were deeply analyzed, and 2016 safety production and planned operation tasks were arranged and deployed comprehensively. Li Enyi, the General Manager Assistant of China Guodian Corporation, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Group of China Longyuan Power, and Zhang Baoquan, the member of Leading Party Group and Deputy General Manager of China Longyuan Power attended the meeting and delivered speeches.
            In the meeting, Li Enyi proposed four requirements in further conducting well production and operation in 2016: the first is to sufficiently know and understand severe situations that the enterprise faces for development, change pressure to motive power, firm the confidence, keep up spirits, and enhance sense of responsibility and sense of mission of work to “fight the tough battle” for production and operation in 2016; the second is to learn lesson from the accident of “April 29”, strengthen safety awareness of all employees, eradicate fluke mind, strictly control implementation of various rules and systems such as “work bill, operation bill, shift system, tour inspection system and regular equipment test and shift system”, and ceaselessly tamp safety foundation to keep safe and stable production; the third is to promote the professionalization and technicalization of equipment management, strengthen analysis on equipment operation from the angle of economy, strictly control quality of regular inspection and regular maintenance, and actually master equipment failure and development rules to avoid sudden faults; the fourth is to conduct well electricity restriction marketing, deeply analyze the causes of electricity restriction and change, bring its advantages into full play to reduce losses caused by electricity restriction, actively expand marketing channels, and actively participate in the direct supply to big customers, wind power-thermal power switching and trans-regional electricity transaction to implement the principle of “working hard for every KHW”.
            Zhang Baoquan pointed out in the summary speech that China Longyuan Power should comprehensively implement work in six aspects in 2016: the first is to carry out well safety management for employees, strengthen safety education and training, enhance penalty of supervision and inspection, improve security and protection capacity of technology and devices to reach the purpose that employees “would not, dare not and be unable to violate rules”; the second is to carry out safety management during work process, insist on safety inspection of “no notice, no information, no report, no accompany, directly going to basic level and directly going to site” and strict inspection of habitual violation, ceaselessly carry out troubleshooting, innovate safety management mode, and improve overall safety production management level; the third is to increase input in safety protection devices and production fund, equip sufficient safety protection facilities, improve equipment health level and reduce safety accident rate; the fourth is to free minds, change ideas, comprehensively strive for market transaction electricity volume, accurately master various market transaction and information of competitors in time, and actively expand external consumption channels; the fifth is to set up awareness of economical operation, strengthen equipment management, optimize AGC control strategy and reasonable SVG switching, strictly control plant electricity consumption rate, scientifically arrange scheduled outage, and strive to reduce fault outage; the sixth is to sufficiently use digital and information technology to improve equipment management level, and use big data platform and various information tools to strengthen index statistical analysis, and provide the basis for management and assessment.
            Persons in charge of Safety Production Department, Planned Operation Department, General Office, Planning and Development Department, Human Resources Department, Finance and Property Department, Engineering Construction Department, Business Management and Legal Affairs Department of China Longyuan Power as well as 33 subordinated units attended the meeting. (TXT/Li Hao)